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Why Social Media Isn’t Productive In Recovery

Recovery is fragile and should be treated like so. There are many things people should not participate in during early recovery, or ever. One, in particular, is social media. Social media is addictive in itself. This can be addicting and time consuming for anyone who is or not struggling with addiction. It’s easy to get distracted by constantly signing onto Facebook, only to be sitting there for hours. When people sign on in the evening, there is more of a probability to suffer from sleep deprivation. It is suggested to meditate or at least attempt to wind down for a good night’s rest. If there is something bothersome on the mind while falling asleep, it’s just as likely to wake up thinking about the same thing.

One of the bigger issues with social media is how people portray what is really going on in their life. It’s easy to sit and compare lives of those who look like they’re having the time of their lives. However, no one really knows what’s going on behind closed doors. Often times, people post pictures glamorizing the way alcohol had enhanced their day or night in some way. Although, it might have, or there’s something that’s not being shown in the pictures. No one wants to show the negative parts of life to the facebook world.

Some people have the tendency to post about thoughts and feelings. This is never a great idea, as potential and present employers sometimes use facebook as a tool to understand who’s really working for them. If there happens to be inappropriate or controversial material posted, it could show a lack of character judgment. The safest way to go about social media in early recovery is to delete it. Live life for yourself and forget what other people are doing. Become closer with your real friends and begin to feel the real highs in life. This rather than the high from a notification. Sobriety is about the addict taking back ownership of life and stop stressing about what cannot be controlled.

If you are looking to get sober, come out to New Jersey and step away from the stressors of life. Enlightened Solutions offers a program consisting of a clinical, holistic, and 12-step approach. Take back your life today and begin to heal your mind, body, and soul. Call today for more information: 833-801-5483.

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