Anger is as much a natural response as it is a choice. Through treatment and recovery, we learn that our emotions are choices. Anger isn’t something that happens to us. We can choose to lessen our anger by regulating and managing it in other areas of our life. There are four everyday activities which can help us manage our anger. Here we discuss two of them. Look to our next blog for the other two daily activities which can help us better manage our anger.

You’ll manage your anger better if you get good sleep

We can sleep many hours of the night but not sleep restfully. Few things are as frustrating as waking up after a night of poor or little sleep. Sleep is critical to emotional regulation and balance. Our bodies and our minds need to rest for at least six hours and as many as ten hours a night in order to function at their highest capacity. The effect of sleep on mood is no more evident than in toddlers and young children who rely on naps. Young children need naps in order to keep themselves regulated. When a young child misses their nap time, or keeps themselves awake to avoid their nap time, they become emotionally exasperated. Temper tantrums, flowing tears, and other signs of exhaustion go on dramatic display as a result. Adults are not much different. With too much of too little sleep, adults are prone to the same emotional imbalance created by the same need: a good nap and some good sleep.

You’ll manage your anger better if you eat a healthy balanced diet

Research into gut health and the microbiome suggests that our mood and emotional state might be directed more by our stomach than our mind. We are, quite literally, what we eat. What we eat dictates how we feel. Feeding our bodies and minds with junk means we will probably feel like junk. We don’t pour sweet sticky juice into an engine which needs lubricated gears to grind. Our brains are complex machines which need the right vitamins and nutrients to function properly. The food we eat matters in helping our brains run smoothly. Look to foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains as better options for your diet.
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