Previously we discussed three reasons why you should do the twelve steps when you are seeking sobriety in your life after addiction. The twelve steps are one of the longest standing programs for alcoholics and addicts to find recovery. All of modern day treatment is inspired by and founded on many of the principles and philosophies originally laid out by the authors of Alcoholics Anonymous and creators of the twelve step program.


  • You have some free time on your hands: Addiction takes up more time than we realize. After getting sober, we find ourselves with a lot of free time on our hands. We might be in a treatment program, living in a sober living, or trying to do recovery on our own. Either way, there are hours in the day we simply haven’t had before. Doing something productive with our time is essential to staving off cravings and obsessive thinking which can lead to relapse in the early stages of recovery. What better way to fill your time than trying something new, spending time with an experienced person of recovery, and learning new strategies for staying sober?
  • Its worked for millions of people around the world: Alcoholics and addicts are quick to make an argument. A common argument against working the twelve steps is “What if it doesn’t work for me?”. Before the modern treatment model we know today existed, the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is all that people had for helping them recover. As of 2012, more than one million copies of Alcoholics Anonymous, affectionately called “The Big Book” have been distributed in English. The book is also available in 67 languages around the world. What that means is people of all different colors, languages, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, find support from the twelve steps. It works for people because they work the steps.
  • The program has been unchanged for almost 80 years: Alcoholics Anonymous was published in 1939, but the program of Alcoholics Anonymous was around long before the book was published. Since the book’s publication nearly 80 years ago hardly any changes have been made. No changes have ever been made to the twelve steps. What that means is that the same book and the same program has worked for millions of people around the world, generation and generation over. When one trendy diet works for a few thousand people at best, everybody wants a piece of it. The twelve steps have so far stood the test of time.


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