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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Rash

October 11, 2019
Our brain tends to communicate with our bodies. When we are feeling anxiety, your body will not only have mental effe…

How to Respond to Stress-Inducing Emails

October 8, 2019
Emails have a way of bringing about anxiety when someone important like your boss, a relative, or even a friend wants…

Signs of Anxiety That Seem Like Everyday Issues

October 2, 2019
You know that you have anxiety when your worrisome thoughts are disrupting your life. They continue to play over and …

The Mental Health Benefits of Being Alone

September 30, 2019
It may not be good to be lonely all of the time as putting yourself in isolating can provide negative consequences to…

Dreams Linked with Anxiety 

August 19, 2019
Dreams have a way of telling us what we want out of life as well as what we are afraid of. The same can be said for t…

How it Feels to Have Anxiety and Depression

June 21, 2019
Having to deal with two mental health disorders at the same time can be draining and challenging. You not only feel a…

Home Items That Trigger Anxiety

May 23, 2019
Having anxiety means there will be triggers around you that cause you to feel intense worry that interferes with dail…

How Anxiety Can Work To Your Advantage

May 21, 2019
Anxiety can be an exhausting mental disorder to have as your worries tend to take over your everyday life. The truth …

How to Treat Your Anxiety During Motherhood

May 15, 2019
Being a mother can be very stressful as you have all of these responsibilities that follow taking care of your childr…

Recovering from a Nervous Breakdown: Climbing Your Way Up from Rock Bottom

July 4, 2018
A nervous breakdown is a serious breakdown in one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health that can have many differe…

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