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How Can I Find My Path of Enlightenment?

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, “Enlightenment is always there. Small enlightenment will bring great enlightenment. If you breathe in and are aware that you are alive – that you can touch the miracle of being alive – then that is a kind of enlightenment.”

Part of the process of recovery is recognizing you are alive and permitting yourself to live as you were meant to live. You must believe that your enlightenment and best life are waiting.

Recovery happens in small steps, and it’s important for a treatment facility to accept you where you are, treat you as an individual, and provide comprehensive care for all aspects of a person’s recovery.

Person-First Care Can Help You Find Your Way

When you begin seeking your truth and your path to recovery, you need guidance in as many aspects of your life as possible. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer that support. We know you are an individual with a unique experience and struggle. We do not expect you to achieve recovery in the same way as everyone else.

You are a person first. Your diagnosis does not define you. Success and enlightenment come when you see yourself as capable of change and of doing remarkable things. Vic Braden, a professional tennis player and doctor of psychology, said, “The moment of enlightenment is when a person`s dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.”

You deserve the future you have always wanted, and at Enlightened Solutions, we want you to achieve that best life, which is why we see you as a person who has a diagnosis, not as a diagnosis. Your addiction does not define you. The behaviors may have shaped your past, but they do not have to define your future.

Growth Means Listening to the Stories of Others

Group therapy can impact one’s recovery journey in a positive way. Listening to others share their stories of overcoming life’s difficulties can be empowering. Comparison can be beneficial and negative, but in treatment at Enlightened Solutions, we believe comparison can be fruitful as you realize you are not alone in your struggle and can begin to see the hope of a life in recovery.

Through group therapy, you will begin to see the possibilities for growth. As you listen to others share their stories, you will learn diverse ways of coping and how to communicate your own story with others. You will grow in a community focused on recovery and learn how to live your best-enlightened life.

Enlightenment Requires a Healthy Mind

You have struggled long enough within the miserable confines of addiction. Often in addiction, which is a disease of the mind, we find that there are co-occurring conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, and other mental health conditions. While not always the case, many who have addictive behaviors have turned to these behaviors as a means of coping with mental illness or emotions and stressors they do not have the skills to manage.

At Enlightened Solutions, we want to see you have a healthy and thriving mental state. We offer traditional group therapy, as well as individual therapy. We will assess you for mental health problems when you enter our facility. We know you have suffered long enough and want to see you have complete well-being. Most often, complete well-being begins with mental health. A healthy mind helps you develop the skills and resilience to maintain a healthy body.

A Healthy Body Means Healthy Self

When you detox from substances, your body starts to feel better. Going through withdrawal can be a terrifying experience but is necessary to help your body heal from the effects of harmful substances. You have abused your body long enough. Your body deserves exceptional care as you pursue recovery.

Your body is your temple. You are only given one body, and you must take the best care of it as is possible. At Enlightened Solutions, we know true health comes from the earth and the many nutrients it provides. We cannot achieve growth without essential nutrients for our bodies and brains. You also must pursue movement as part of your physical health. When your body is healthy in your gut and in your movement, you are better able to cope with various stressors and pursue recovery with your whole being.

A healthy body means a healthy pursuit of recovery and an improved likelihood of success as you move from treatment back into your home. We know you can achieve total health and enlightenment. We are willing and able to teach you the skills to get there. You deserve your best life.

You deserve your best enlightened life and complete recovery from the disease of addiction. You have struggled long enough with addiction; the time has come to pursue change. You have reached the point where a new path can be blazed into whole-life living. At Enlightened Solutions, we are ready to help. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or other substances or behaviors, we are ready and able to help. Choosing the path to wellness is not easy, but an opportunity for growth into a recovered life comes with that first step, asking for help. Reach out and ask for help today. Call Enlightened Solutions at (833) 801-LIVE and learn how we can help you achieve whole health and enlightenment. Your best life is waiting. Choose recovery today. We are waiting for your call. 

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