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How to Spot Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental health is an issue people all over the world have that co occurs with addiction and/or alcoholism. Two percent of adults show signs of borderline personality disorder (BPD). The borderline in the name is meant to stand for the border of psychosis and neurosis. This disorder doesn’t quite fit schizophrenia or bipolar, but is somewhere in the middle. Someone who is showing signs of BPD will be prone to self-harm and suicide attempts and there might be a lack of concern for others while doing so. Those with BPD make up 20 percent of psychiatric hospitalizations and 75 percent are among women.

Those with borderline personality disorder who receive help, over time, have hope for living a productive and balanced life. With consistent therapy there are ways to find appropriate solutions to cope with anger, depression and anxiety. It’s easy for people with borderline personality disorder to slip into feelings of unworthiness and those of being a burden. Those with borderline personality disorder tend to feel that they are fundamentally bad and will act accordingly. Social skills may lack appropriate behavior and being unstable is a common occurrence.

People who have symptoms of BPD have problems with staying in a good mindset. When things are bad, they seem to be horribly bad. When things are good, they are excessively good. Similarly to bipolar disorder there are extreme ups and downs, and like schizophrenia disorder, there are delusions. These behaviors will exhibit themselves in ways such as binge eating, spending, risky sexual behavior, and substance abuse. This will oftentimes result in legal troubles and lessons unlearned.

Borderline personality disorder can be inherited. This disorder can also be caused by other outside circumstances. Getting help in a treatment center can give those with BPD a real shot at a beautiful life without dysfunction. Becoming aware of the problem and truly accepting help offered in a treatment center is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed on. Individuals with BPD can lead successful lives without harming themselves and others.

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