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Grounding Exercises to Help You Feel Secure and Balanced

One of the reasons we experience extreme mental and emotional health challenges is because oftentimes we aren’t grounded or centered within ourselves. To help us manage our thoughts, moods and emotions, we can practice grounding and centering exercises.

When we don’t feel grounded, it is often because we have an imbalance in our root chakra. This energy center governs our sense of stability, security and safety. When our root chakra is balanced, we feel rooted in our purpose, confident about who we are, centered in ourselves. We feel stable and secure in our daily lives. When our root chakra is out of balance, we often feel highly anxious and depressed. We can feel lost, confused, distracted and unmotivated. We might feel overwhelmed and stressed. We might feel like we don’t have a sense of direction or purpose, we might not feel at home in our own skin, and we might be struggling to feel at peace within ourselves.

Everything in our lives can knock us off center if we allow it to. Interpersonal dynamics, daily stresses, challenging life experiences. When we are grounded and centered within ourselves, we feel a stronger sense of resilience. We feel better able to handle our thoughts and feelings. We feel confident facing challenges. We can bounce back more easily from setbacks. We can better protect ourselves from extreme breakdowns in our mental, emotional and physical health.

Here are some simple grounding exercises you can try.

Walking barefoot in nature is a powerful grounding tool. Feel yourself connecting to the power of the earth underneath you. Embrace the magnificent beauty of the natural world and remind yourself that you are a part of it. Know you are being supported by the universe. Walking meditation is a wonderful healing technique you can easily incorporate into your self-care routine.

Visualize yourself rooting downward into the earth. We are connected to the land. Allow yourself to feel that connection and let it help you heal. Visualization is a powerful healing technique. Visualize roots extending downward from your body into the core of the earth. Feel the earth’s strength empowering you.

Practice repeating affirmations like “I am safe. I am secure. I am balanced. I am being guided and protected. I am loved and supported.”

We believe in the importance of holistic healing for recovery. Contact us today for more information on treatment.

Discovering Your Yin and Yang in Treatment

From the recovery perspective, yin and yang are valuable spiritual concepts.  Many Westerners’ miss yin and yang’s gifts due to the nebulous definitions which are known through their interdependence.  To grasp this, consider yin and yang through multiple meanings.  Naming only a few, yin is being to yang’s doing; yang is light and yin shadow; yin is feminine and yang masculine.  To discover the balance that yin and yang offer, you must look at yin and yang as a whole and acknowledge that a seed of the other exist in each.

Yin and Yang

Commonly, a person may identify as either mostly yin or mostly yang at the beginning of treatment.  Determining whether you lean towards yin or yang is an important awareness for a quick and direct journey towards healing. Understanding yourself through this perspective will enable you to cultivate balance on your path forward.  For example, some people have very little internal structure guiding their actions.  This expresses as emotional impulsivity or an inability to show up for life responsibilities based on their feeling state.  

Alternatively, yang on the other hand, can appear as an individual who very efficiently and consistently goes through the recovery lifestyle of doing service, recovery work and having relationships with others in recovery.  However, these actions may appear or feel like checking off tasks on a to-do list.  These actions do not become embedded in the essence or lifestyle of the doer.  

These are only two simplified and extreme examples of what can be manifested in recovery by  understanding yin and yang as a system.  Once your own versions are identified, a focused effort to blend the two engagements into one holistic way of living can occur.  Be aware that if a person was mostly yang, there may be a period of concentrated yin necessary before arriving at the blended state, and reverse.  The pendulum swinging is a normal part of the evolutionary process.

While striving for this optimum blended state, remember to enjoy the process of discovery while moving toward it. This, in itself, is the point of recovery.  


If you are struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and/or mental health, know that there is hope. There is a solution. Harmoniously fusing together the best elements of clinical care, holistic healing, and 12-step philosophy, Enlightened Solutions has created a program of total transformation for men and women seeking recovery. Call 833-801-5483 today for information on our partial care programs in New Jersey.

Peace, Balance, Body Positivity

Recovery from drugs addiction and alcoholism is often accompanied by secondary issues like body image. Both men and women suffer from poor senses of self-esteem and self-worth stemming from how they relate to and honor their physical selves. Learning to live without drugs and alcohol requires new ways of thinking, being, and doing. Food, physical activity, and self regard are parts of that formula. So many turn to drug and alcohol as a way of feeling better, or worse, about themselves.

Learn from Your Body

Every day we are burdened with other people’s opinions of how we should look, what we should eat, and how ‘healthy’ is defined. Attempting to abide by these vast generalizations is more harmful than helpful. We live in a world where customization is luxury. Why settle for what everyone else says you need? Learn what your body needs, wants, and likes the most. Explore the foods that are good for your particular body type, blood type, or suit your hormonal needs. Accept the limitations of your physical capacities and work within them. You can spend your life working against your body to satisfy someone else or work with your body to satisfy: you.

Work with Your Body

Running is a great exercise. It burns a ton of calories, is the perfect cardio, and builds endurance. Running is not for everyone. Hard, consistent, repeated impact can damage a person’s ankles, knees, and back. Focusing on physical activity that is damaging instead of fun does not help body image or body positivity. Instead, it exhausts any attempts to be in balance. Pushing your body to its most extremes results in extreme compensation on your body’s behalf. You might find you simply can’t do the things other people can do, which causes you to struggle with maintaining inner peace. Staying in such a state of internal and external conflict is hardly peaceful. This body is the home for your soul. It is unique in it’s needs just like you are.

Recovery through treatment is the time to return to love and heal the wounds of addiction. Enlightened Solutions offers an answer to the unending question of “how did I get here?” There is hope and way out of the struggle which is addiction. Our program offers holistic healing supplemented by 12 step philosophy, treating mind, body, and spirit. Begin your new life here.

Call 833-801-5483 for more information.

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