Discovering your yin and yang in treatment

Discovering Your Yin and Yang in Treatment

From the recovery perspective, yin and yang are valuable spiritual concepts.  Many Westerners’ miss yin and yang’s gifts due to the nebulous definitions which are known through their interdependence.  To grasp this, consider yin and yang through multiple meanings.  Naming only a few, yin is being to yang’s doing; yang is light and yin shadow; yin is feminine and yang masculine.  To discover the balance that yin and yang offer, you must look at yin and yang as a whole and acknowledge that a seed of the other exist in each.

Yin and Yang

Commonly, a person may identify as either mostly yin or mostly yang at the beginning of treatment.  Determining whether you lean towards yin or yang is an important awareness for a quick and direct journey towards healing. Understanding yourself through this perspective will enable you to cultivate balance on your path forward.  For example, some people have very little internal structure guiding their actions.  This expresses as emotional impulsivity or an inability to show up for life responsibilities based on their feeling state.  

Alternatively, yang on the other hand, can appear as an individual who very efficiently and consistently goes through the recovery lifestyle of doing service, recovery work and having relationships with others in recovery.  However, these actions may appear or feel like checking off tasks on a to-do list.  These actions do not become embedded in the essence or lifestyle of the doer.  

These are only two simplified and extreme examples of what can be manifested in recovery by  understanding yin and yang as a system.  Once your own versions are identified, a focused effort to blend the two engagements into one holistic way of living can occur.  Be aware that if a person was mostly yang, there may be a period of concentrated yin necessary before arriving at the blended state, and reverse.  The pendulum swinging is a normal part of the evolutionary process.

While striving for this optimum blended state, remember to enjoy the process of discovery while moving toward it. This, in itself, is the point of recovery.  


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Comprehending the Chakras

According to eastern philosophy, the body contains seven centers of spiritual and energetic power. These centers are referred to as chakras. Each chakra has an individual purpose and energy. Chakras can be opened or closed. An open chakra means the energy of that chakra and the holistic body can freely flow. When a chakra is closed, that energy is blocked. Energy that gets blocked can result in physical as well as psychological manifestations.

Ideally, as eastern preventative medicine practitioner would advocate, we should be in the flow all the time. Understanding the meanings associated with each chakra can help us understand where we might be blocked. Various treatment methods like reiki, massage, acupuncture and yoga can open the chakras, releasing their blocked energy. Mindfulness meditation can aid as well.

Why do chakras matter in recovery?

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to co-occurring disorders, is a healing process involving the full cooperation of mind, body, and spirit. Working with the chakras helps these three components be in open communication with one another. Recovery is also full of energetic releases found in profound moments of healing and growth. Like conduits or channels for energy, being able to focus on each chakra can support the movement of that energy. Drugs and alcohol are blockers. For a long time, it might have felt as though such harmful substances helped us be ourselves and be in tune with people around us. At the very neurobiological level of our brains, right down to the neurotransmitters, substances were preventing us from doing so. Choosing recovery, we choose to feel free in the natural flow of our own being again.

What are the chakras and where are they?

Each chakra has a color. Improving the strength of each chakra can be done with simple and fun color therapy. If you want to focus on opening a certain chakra, fill your space with that chakra’s color and embrace that particular energy with the intention of what the chakra means.

Root Chakra (red)- at the very base of our spine in the sit bones of our behind

Sacral Chakra (orange)- in our pelvic floor

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)- towards the top of our diaphragm

Heart Chakra (green)- in our chests

Throat Chakra (light blue)- in the base of our throats, where our voice box might be found

Third Eye Chakra (dark blue)- raised above the space between our eyebrows

Crown Chakra (purple)- the top of our head, or above our head

Enlightened Solutions knows that the deep connection between mind, body, and soul, is the ultimate source of healing and transformation when recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our program is rooted in 12 step philosophy and holistic healing practices. For more information please call 833-801-5483.