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A Blocked Throat Chakra

Our throat chakra governs communication, and self-expression, two critically important elements of interpersonal relationships as well as our relationship with self. When our throat chakra is blocked, it can have tremendous effects on how we function in our lives.

A blocked throat chakra can be identified when we have difficulty communicating and expressing ourselves. We might have a hard time speaking to other people. We might shut down and turn to silence and avoidance during conflicts. We might have extreme anxiety about being in social situations where we have to talk. Even speaking with the people closest to us can be a huge challenge. We might have learned silence as a coping mechanism in childhood. We might have adopted this as a way to avoid problems within our families or to escape punishment. We may have had caregivers who had difficulty communicating, and we inherited this trait from them. We may have grown to develop this coping mechanism after difficult relationships or traumatic experiences.

Communication is so important for the health of our relationships. Without it, we can develop unhealthy patterns and cycles in our relationships that can contribute to their toxicity and abusiveness. We can have difficulty connecting with our partners, friends and loved ones. We might keep our distance, thinking it will keep us safe. We might isolate ourselves and have a hard time being around other people. We might not be able to handle dealing with conflict.

Self-expression is so important for the development of our inner voice and for learning to empower ourselves. When we feel silenced, whether by other people or out of our own fear, we essentially block ourselves from harnessing and conveying our inner power. We can become emotionally stunted and derail our healing process. We can hinder the progress of our growth and development.

Being able to speak our minds, voice our opinions and express our needs is of the utmost importance to our relationships, and also to our self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. It is very hard to have healthy relationships when we can’t express ourselves fully. Just as important, it’s extremely difficult to have a healthy relationship with ourselves when our self-expression is stifled. We may be living in fear of what will happen if we express ourselves, of being judged or rejected, of being hurt or abused if we are true to who we are. We may be closing off entire parts of ourselves because we are afraid to face them, because we ourselves reject them. We become disconnected from our true selves. We don’t tap into our full potential or allow ourselves or the world to see what we’re truly capable of. We keep ourselves small. We’ve learned coping mechanisms of silence that we think will protect us but which can actually harm us.

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