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An Unhealed Heart Chakra

A healthy heart chakra is fundamentally important to our emotional wellbeing. Our hearts are a source of infinite wisdom and power, and when their energy is out of balance, it can wreak havoc on our lives.

Love is perhaps the most important force in our existence as human beings. An imbalanced heart chakra can cause us to have an unhealthy relationship with love – love for other people, for humanity and for ourselves. A lack of self-love is a driving force behind our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, as well as our addictions and other self-destructive behaviors. Not loving ourselves leads to deep insecurities, feelings of low self-worth and self-esteem, and our tendencies to want to hurt ourselves and self-destruct.

When we don’t love ourselves, we don’t have the instincts for self-preservation and self-protection that enable us to move through life in healthy, confident ways. We struggle with feeling good enough. We have a hard time feeling as though we belong. We may feel out of place everywhere because within ourselves we haven’t found the nurturing emotional sanctuary we need. We may reject ourselves, in whole or in part, and we might be unnecessarily disparaging and overly critical of ourselves. We might live in so much fear that we’ve lost our connection to self and to our sense of self-love. When we don’t love ourselves, it’s practically impossible to have healthy relationships with other people and to feel love.

An unhealthy heart chakra can lead us to very toxic ways of handling our emotions. When we can’t connect with ourselves and others in loving ways, we have a hard time expressing how we feel. We suppress our emotions. We reject them. We bury them. We develop unhealthy and even abusive relationships. We have a hard time communicating our emotions, and we might struggle to feel emotionally connected to anything – our inner selves, our families and other loved ones, our purpose and direction in life. As a result, we can become increasingly lonely. We might isolate ourselves from other people out of fear of connection and rejection. Deep loneliness can cause us to lose hope. We feel can hopeless about what we’re meant to do in life, about our ability to have love in our lives, about life in general. We might feel as though our futures are bleak and the world is a cold and heartless place.

Healing from addictions means healing our hearts as well. Call (833) 801-LIVE for information on our treatment programs.

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