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Alternative Therapy

The Healing Power of Music: The Multiple Ways That Music Can Aid in Recovery

February 21, 2020
Music therapy is a growing field in psychology. Music helps patients recover speech after suffering a stroke or reduc…

How to Calm Down When You Are Quick to Anger

November 12, 2019
Anger is an easy emotion to turn to when you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed. Anger can come naturally to all of…

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

January 25, 2019
Feeling mental and emotional resistance during the recovery process is totally natural, normal and common. We’re not …

Creative Arts Therapy for Recovery

January 1, 2019
A powerfully transformative but sometimes overlooked tool in our quest for wellness is creative arts therapy. Many of…

Choosing Faith in Moments of Crisis

December 26, 2018
When we’ve been struggling with addiction, many of us have become all too familiar with experiencing serious crises i…

A Disconnected Crown Chakra

November 30, 2018
Our seventh chakra is the crown chakra, and it represents our connection to our higher power, to collective conscious…

A Clouded Third Eye Chakra

November 29, 2018
Our third eye chakra, also known as our pineal gland, represents the vision that goes beyond what our two seeing eyes…

A Blocked Throat Chakra

November 28, 2018
Our throat chakra governs communication, and self-expression, two critically important elements of interpersonal rela…

An Unhealed Heart Chakra

November 27, 2018
A healthy heart chakra is fundamentally important to our emotional wellbeing. Our hearts are a source of infinite wis…

A Misaligned Solar Chakra

November 26, 2018
Our solar chakra, or third energy center, has to do with our will, our inner power and our confidence. Think of the s…

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